Vijay Fernandes

Vijay Fernandes performing at one of InRegalia's earliest gigs

The story of InRegalia begins in January 2010, when guitarist

Vijay Fernandes, having returned from the US after 10 years,

continued his dream of forming a band in his home country and

making it big some day.

As goes with most bands, the journey was filled with a whole lot

of auditions and frustrating experiences trying to get the plan

off the ground. Though primarily a guitarist, he even took on

vocal duties at a point, just to get things going; unfortunately

it didn't help to better the situation as a whole.

Surviving in the city of Mumbai is tough enough, but getting an

indie band going is even tougher. Plenty times he had to

fight through throngs of crowds in local trains, battling

through the Mumbai rains and water logging to make it to jam

sessions, only to find that some members had pulled a no-show. A

poor mindset is the key reason why most musicians fail to

achieve anything of substance. This coupled with a lack of

dedication, drive and commitment and the band dies before it can

take off.

With 2010 closing, at the end of a very stressful and

frustrating year, Vijay met bassist Duane Wilson at a jam

session, and things began to look hopeful. He had finally found

someone who seriously shared his idea of forming a band and

making it in the industry. Their plans for 2011 were already beginning to take shape.

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