Flamboyance Served Fusion Style

Mumbai-based fusion rock band InRegalia releases party anthem

Close on the heels of its debut single release, Indian Fusion rock band, InRegalia has released its second single. Titled "Rock this House", the song is in stark contrast to its debut single 'Was it a Dream". The song has a tinge of 80's Bon Jovi which will please the retro rock music lover, while it is also topped with smart Carnatic guitar riffing serving as the backbone.

"This song is about unwinding from our hectic lifestyles. Given the frenetic pace at which we lead our lives, we all eagerly await the weekend when we can loosen up and have some fun" says Duane Wilson, bassist of InRegalia. "Imagine the glory days of the 80's Rock and Metal scene and combine that with our expressive abilities. What you get is a concoction of East meets West. To cut a long story short - It’s a party anthem!"

Having gained popularity as a live act in the pub circuit, InRegalia released its debut single in early June this year, and plans on releasing new material in the coming months. He adds, "As a band we've begun to realize our full potential both in terms of songwriting and performance. It’s an exciting road ahead for all of us and we're confident that our music will be well received".

The single is available on all major stores including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

You can listen to InRegalia's music at - https://soundcloud.com/inregaliamusic

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