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Mumbai-based fusion rock band InRegalia releases debut single

Indian fusion rock band, InRegalia has released its debut single titled 'Was it a Dream'. The single is a dreamy, soft rock ballad with doses of Indian fusion music in it reminiscent of some Indian bands in the 90's. An intelligently crafted composition, the single incorporates minor elements of Indian classical music woven around a great melody.

Speaking on behalf of the band, guitarist Vijay Fernandes said, "InRegalia signifies an amalgamation of styles given our diverse musical backgrounds. Collectively we've played genres from classic and alternative rock to funk, soul and fusion music while growing up. Add to that the influence of Indian classical and Bollywood music and it is quite evident that each of our songs has some ethnic feel to it."

InRegalia has been playing the club circuit scene in the city of Mumbai and the surrounding areas in the past year and the music has been well received by their fans, the press and the Indian indie music industry. "In this era of Internet revolution, we believe in putting in focused efforts into each of our songs. As an independent artist, we want our songs to be as memorable as possible, and hence the decision to release singles rather than an album or an EP", said Fernandes. The band plans on releasing more singles in the coming months.

InRegalia's debut single 'Was it a Dream' is available with most online music retailers including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

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