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Rebel’s Dance: InRegalia’s first ever music video

Rebel's Dance

2022 is a pretty special year for this band as we complete 10 years as a unit. So, it was a nice coincidence that we decided to shoot our debut music video for the song ‘Rebel’s Dance’ right around our 10-year anniversary in Feb this year. As a band or really any musical act, having a music video to showcase your songs are a vital part of promoting one’s music.

Lights Camera Action!

InRegalia Band

Vijay Fernandes, guitarist and co-founder of InRegalia, along with our bassist Saurav Das,

put together the concept, script and plan for the video shoot. “In this day and age of information being at your fingertips, you're losing out if you don't have good music videos. Besides, the viewer and listener are always craving for more if you have content that is good and resonates,” said Vijay. From start to end, the video took about 5-6 months to complete.

Spectrum Films were tasked with the shoot itself as well as the edit process. Then followed the edit process and the finishing touches which were also overseen by Vijay and Saurav. “Every rock band needs music videos, it’s an audio-visual experience, it’s just really cool to be in a music video, something every aspiring musician has wanted to do. The business ended answer to this – we felt we needed a music video to attract more listeners and thereby expand our YouTube footprint which isn’t as large as other platforms,” said Saurav.

What's it about?

Rebel's Dance

‘Rebel’s Dance’ is about the struggles and the triumphs of an Indian Classical dancer. Art in most Indian households (specifically middle and lower class) is not viewed as a viable career option sadly. Vijay goes on to say, “But the very essence of the song and the music video is perseverance. If you're persistent enough, anything is achievable.” Echoing the sentiment, Saurav says, “A rebel isn’t necessarily a person who fights the law. A rebel is a person who swims upstream if that’s what it takes to be better! It’s about believing in your art and never giving up.”

Overcoming Challenges

Rebel's Dance

Being an indie band in India is not easy and shooting a music video had its own challenges. “The amalgamation of rock music with Indian classical dance was probably the biggest challenge to begin with since we are not dancers ourselves,” said Vijay. And when you’re a DIY outfit like InRegalia, this carries over from recording their music to even shooting this video. Saurav’s day gig as an advertising agency professional was of immense value to the band, “Of course, we had budget and knowledge constraints to deal with. I had to rely on my experience in the advertising industry to make sure we got the best out of the limited resources we had. As it is with such things, there were many unforeseen obstacles on the day of the shoot but presence of mind and the efforts of the small but dedicated team powered us through.”

The Aftermath

InRegalia Band

“It was a great learning experience for me on the visual elements in addition to playing my part as the performer / actor for the video. It was fun working with Saurav on the idea from start to finish,’ said Vijay. “We came out knowing more and that knowledge we can use on our next music video. I think the video itself has done better than we expected and this has given us belief and encouragement to make more,” said Saurav.

One of lead vocalist Peter Abraham’s major concerns was the ‘acting’ element of the video, “... but it came together rather effortlessly. Overall, this debut video has given us confidence about performing on camera which will only enhance future videos we do.” Drummer Warren Swaries made his own notes from the entire shoot, “I think things were planned out well and so everything more or less fell into place on shoot day. On a personal front, I need to do some more shadowing for our next video just so that my close-up shots are clearer and of course working on overall expressions wouldn’t hurt. The band shots came out pretty good so was very happy with that.”

Coming up next...

Rebel's Dance

The band has tasted success with their debut video and it has spurred them to release more video content going ahead along with their song releases. At the time of writing this blog, Rebel’s Dance has crossed more than 26,000 views on InRegalia’s YouTube channel which is a pretty significant number for an English rock playing Indie band. “Even if anyone of us have second thoughts about it (releasing more videos), all we need to do is go back and read through all the love we received on this debut video release. That is sufficient motivation to pull up our socks and get going!” says keyboardist Keith Pereira.

If you still haven’t seen Rebel’s Dance or heard our music, do check out the links below: -

- InRegalia Band

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